Boom Beach Strategy: Right Tips for You

Hello Guys. After I posted a topic related about a powerful tool that will help you play Boom Beach, I received a lot of questions from you guys, ask me that: “What best strategy should I follow?”. So today I will share with you my Boom Beach Strategy, my experience and all my boom beach tips that will help you to play Boom Beach Effectively.

Boom Beach strategy

Boom Beach Strategy

As you know, Boom Beach has 2 main strategies that are: Offensive Strategies and Defensive Strategies. I will explain in detail so that even you are beginner, you are still understand my information.

1. Offensive Strategies: It means that you focus on attacking the other bases to loot your enemy’s resources like Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron. With this strategy, you don’t spend to much your time, your resource to develop base defense building, like Boom canon, Canon, Mortar, etc. You don’t need to attack too much. Just attacking when you need to update something like HQ, Gunboat, Landing Craft, Radar, Armory, and Sculptor

2. Defensive Strategies: This strategy require you update your base defense building, and you need to figure out which is Base Types best for you, base on your level, your victory point and your HQ level. I will explain later in another topic about this strategy, because I don’t use this one so much. Just remember, the key points are your power of base defense building and your Base Layout. You need them to defense again your enemy to keep your resource save, then you continue to update your HQ.

What is best strategy should you use?

As you know, Boom Beach is the strategy game, and you can play your game in whatever you want. But after one year playing this game, I highly recommend that you should follow both of strategies, but focus on the Offensive Strategies first. Here are some reasons why is that:

  1. If you focus only on the defensive strategies, you can’t play this game without diamonds. Trust me, because after a lot of time to figure out the base layout that you think it is best for you, you begin to update your defense building. And because your Gunboat, Landing Craft, Radar, Armory, and Sculptor have not your priority, you can’t attack many of base in your maps, even they are same to your level and your VP( victory points). You only do this way: wait for a period of time to access Boom Beach and harvest your resource. But in fact that, even with fully updated defense building and best layout, your base can’t defense again your enemy attack. You just destroy some parts of their troops, and gain some diamonds and intel. You will be looted, one or two times.  And when you need to upgrade anything, you have no other way but spend your diamonds. If you don’t want to invest your money, your choice is that you delete this game, or move to the Offensive Strategies, if you don’t want to stuck in Boom Beach anymore.boom beach strategy
  2. If you focus only on the Offensive Strategies, by contrast, you don’t need diamonds to play this game. With your Gunboat, Landing Craft, Radar, Armory, and Sculptor up to date with your HQ level, you can attack anything in your map. Of course you will need to become an expert in using some types of troop (If you want, you can ask me  and I will make another articles with sample video, and I will help you to choose what types of troop is best for you. Just leave your comment below), but I can promise that this tip will help you play this game without investing your money, and you will feel free anytime when play. The only problem is that, if you attack to much, your VP will very high, and your enemy’s base will be very difficult to attack. So my advice is that, you use both of two strategies, and focus on the Offensive Strategies.

Detail steps for you

Ok, you understand that how it working. These step below will help many of you guys who are stucked in this game

1. When your level is nearly the level that allows you to update your HQ, don’t clear your map. You need  Human base and Blackguard Base as many as possible. Keep find new if it is too difficult to attack. Then when your level reach to goal, boost all your statue and spend 1-2 hours clear map to gain loots as much as you can

2. Right after your HQ is upgraded finish, do the same way to update these building: Radar, Armory, Sculptor(if available), Gunboat, Landing Craft respectively. You need to calculate your resource you will need to upgrade them. Always remember to keep level of Radar, Armory, Sculptor, Gunboat, Landing Craft up to date with your HQ level. For example, if your HQ’s level is 5, your Radar’s level must be 5, Armory’s level must be 2, Gunboat’s level must be 6, and LC’s level must be 5. And one thing is very important: between of upgrading, for example, Radar and Armory, you update your defensive building, to keep your process effectively. Read note 3 for details

3. Reasons: When you update Radar, you will have a lot of gold. Use it to upgrade troop in Armory.  Normally, you need more time to finish than upgrading Radar. For example: Radar level 10 need 7 hours for upgrade time. Then you upgrade anything in Armory, but focus on your troop. But upgrade time in Armory normally is over 1 day, so after 7 hours, you finish updating Radar, then you update boom canon, canon, etc, to wait until your upgrading in Armory is done. After that, attack and clear your map to upgrade Armory building. Use your gold to explore your map. This process will very effect for you, not only to make sure you follow Offensive Strategies, but also keep your Victory Point lower than normal, because you only attack when you need to upgrade something big and important, and you still have time to update your defense building.

Okay, I think this is enough for Boom Beach Strategy. Read them carefully and leave your question below if you don’t clear. Even my English is not good, I will try to answer all your question.

Thanks for your reading and your questions. They are help me to edit my post so that it will be very useful for all of you guys

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Boom Beach Strategy: Right Tips for You
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