Condolences Messages And Sympathy Quotes Examples In Using

Condolences Messages

Condolence Messages

Love beyond the grave
There are no roads
My love for you can’t pave.

A great person once said – graves are the footprints of angels.

While writing a letter to a loved one, you should make note of it that whatever you are writing should come from straight from heart and should be crystal clear in your feeling. Writing a mail or a letter to a loved one who is sad just because someone close to him has died makes that friend comfortable and easy as he knows that you have concern for him and love him. Your loved one will be thankful for if you mail him or her condolence quote expressing your lovely feeling from your heart more than a contrived Condolence Messages that you have written by not sleeping whole night which most of the time looks fake. You should not at all think that you need to over care and express yourself but you just need to put your exact feeling in loving and sympathetic words.

Into my heart’s night
along a constricted way
I searched blindly; and got the light
a never ending land of day.

The people who have died know no seasons but the end of time.

Every step of life is a way towards death.

There is no such mania as death! What seems so is change;
This life of worldly breath
Is but a town of the life elysian,
Whose gateway we call Death

There is no heal for death, just beware to enjoy the interval.

Traveling around over many seas and through many regions
I came dear lover to this piteous leave-taking
the last feelings by your graveside
the ineffectiveness of words over your quiet ruins.
Life fissures us from each other
uselessly depriving lover of lover.
Accept then, in our friend’s custom
these contributions, this leave-taking
muffled for everything through a lover’s tears



Here are some quotes to make your letter impactful:
Don’t ever keep anything for a out of the ordinary occasion. Being alive is the extraordinary occasion

Only distance tests the strength of love; only time tests the hearts of people.

It isn’t important to believe things in order to understand them.

Believe as if you’ll live for ever. Live as if you will die now.

Do not stay there at my grave and cry;
I am not present there, I do not die.


Sympathy Quotes

Condolences Messages And Sympathy Quotes Examples In Using
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